veronica mars, 30 day challenge

day 3, your favorite episode; not pictured (2x22)

for a long while, this was the series finale for me. i refused to watch the third season. i knew about the piz debacle. but this episode was the one that stood out the most. this is one of those episodes that no matter how many times you watch it, you still cry. you can’t help it. the expressions on veronica’s face when she graduates, weevil’s arrest and his grandmother, duncan arranging a murder (and finally, he was interesting), veronica’s entire time up on that roof and yes, even beaver cassidy’s choice to end his life at the end. that is why this series was so amazing because it made you feel and hurt and grow with these characters. i feel this episode is the epitome of that. everyone is altered from what happens in a single night, so i felt.